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We received 4.9 out of 5 stars in Customer Reviews and an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars in Customer Feedback on Amazon!

Well designed product in a convenient package, June 5, 2014
The Flosscard is a sturdy plastic package containing quality dental floss. Unlike similar products, this can be carried in a wallet and actually survive the rough treatment that entails. Dental floss has a surprising number of uses other than the stated purpose and I like to carry some with me every day.
Great way to have floss on the go!, June 5, 2014
By Kyle
This is by far the best way to carry floss away from home. These little cards fit easily in a wallet are are the same size as a credit card. Instead of carrying a bulky dispenser, you have 36 feet of floss close at hand. I also keep one in the console of my truck (for daily use) and stuck one in my first aid kit (as a spare or to use for an emergency situation). If you backpack or have a Bug out Bag, this is one of those items that you cannot do without. They fit perfect in an Altoids tin if you use one to carry small items.
Best floss ever, June 3, 2014
Have been using for years! Thrilled to be able to get so easily.
Never gets stuck between tight teeth
Highly recommend it
Love this floss, May 24, 2014
This is the best floss if you have very tight spaces between your teeth. I like having multiple cards, so I can keep one at home, work, car, etc.
Finally found this!, May 23, 2014
I received a couple of Flosscard credit card dispensers as promotional handout at a conference several years ago. I LOVE this product. How convenient to always know that floss is at hand! When I ran out, I was really bummed…Recently I thought to myself “Amazon has EVERYTHING…. why not check them out? So I did, and I am so happy to have Flosscard in my wallet again. Now I will never be without “floss coverage”
Convenient, May 12, 2014
Perfect for carrying everyday in your wallet. I also added one to the dental component of my first aid kit.
Flosscard – great!, April 29, 2014
The Flosscard is very convenient and great to have in a pinch! I carry it with me all the time.


Great product and very convenient, April 23, 2014
Wow what an excellent idea! Flosscard is a great way to avoid embarrassing food in teeth moments when on the run. I wondered how thin flosscard would be and it is very thin. No bulging out of my wallet. Will definitely be ordering more flosscards when mine run out.
FLOSSCARD is AWESOME!, April 20, 2014
I have looked and looked for this online and I am so glad it is now available on Amazon. The floss is in a credit-card-like dispenser and the floss fits easily between teeth. Highly recommended for people who want great floss in convenient packaging making it possible to take this anywhere.
Convenient access to floss, March 14, 2014
We had some wallet floss like this we got from a giveaway, so once that ran out I was looking for a replacement. Just tuck it in your wallet and it’s there when you need it!
Great dental floss, January 16, 2014
I’ve tried the other types available at drug stores and grocery stores and was unhappy with them. My dentist recommended this and I was so happy with it that I ordered it.
Never be lost without floss, January 9, 2014
A long time ago, we got one as a promotional item from a dentist. Now, we can’t live without them. Great to stick in your wallet or purse.
No more toothpicks!, December 4, 2013
…few times I’ve truly NEEDED these, they saved my sanity. I keep a card in my wallet and it’s come in handy a couple of times.

I’m still working on my first card since I only need it for emergencies, so for the price these are great. They will last me a few years at the least and I couldn’t go back to not having these with me.

 Yay for on-the-go FLOSS!, May 31, 2013
By T. Lamberte (Denver, CO)
This is a great deal! Floss doesn’t break off like some other cheap flosses I have tried. Nice and slim-just like a credit card…

 Flosscard, February 11, 2013
Best thing since sliced bread. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who gets food caught between their teeth.

By Samuel L.
Super Fast Shipping! Great Packaging! 
By Linda S.
I love this floss!! I highly recommend it. It arrived fast and in good condition 
By Teresa D.
By James R.
As described, packaged well. A+ 
By Dr. Axel J.
Great service. Great product. 
By Lauren A.
Item arrived promptly and as described. 
By Byron C.
Product as described, prompt delivery. 
By Thomas S.
Smooth transaction! Great product! 
By Marion G.
A convenient packaging to always have Floss; I buy it to share with my friends
By James R.
Arrived on time as described.  
By Roberta G.
Love flosscards. They are convenient because they fit easily into any handbag.  
By Aundrea E.
Good seller. Loved this item. My husband is a floss addict. He loved them.  
By Sarah M.
This is a great product, which my dentist used to hand out. Now I have gotten hooked, so looked for it online. Only gripe is that I wish the floss were a little thicker.  
By Stephen B.
Product was delivered as promised. 

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