About FLOSSCARD® Brand Dental Floss

­­­­­­­­­­­Finally, floss that goes where you go! 

We are the proud inventors of FLOSSCARD® brand dental floss, 12 yards of the highest quality, light-wax dental floss in a credit card thin dispenser. We make the only floss dispenser on the market that is credit card thin and fits perfectly into your wallet or purse.

FLOSSCARD®products are manufactured entirely in the USA using materials solely from the USA. We believe in the highest standards and guarantee the quality of our product. FLOSSCARD® products are ideal for promoting your business. Just send us your business card artwork and we’ll send you a proof to approve.

We are excited to introduce the FLOSSCARD® 10 PACK. Please purchase packs of 10 FLOSSCARD® dispensers online through our site today.

Whether it’s an order of 250 cards or 250,000 cards, or more, we can do it! We have sold more than 50 million cards worldwide and are looking forward to helping you promote yourself!

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